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 Thema: Do you do Chin rescue?
Do you do Chin rescue? [message #89296] Mon, 20 November 2017 10:10
Williamhawk ist gerade offline  Williamhawk

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Ort: Newyork
I have posted a bunch on here about my froster chins. I have 14 left and I do not think it will be easy to find homes for these guys. All but 4 are old or have a problem. I did find my 3 legged chin a home so I will not give up hope.
So I had 50 Chins to find homes for 2 had to be put down. I only have 14 chins left but I am getting ready to keep at least 10 of the elderly ones. These guys are a mess and I am taking it one day at a time.
So have any of you ever fostered or helped a chin rescue? has anyone ever had to re-home a breeding heard?
I would love to hear your rescue stories. Even if it was just one chin you helped.
It has been very rewarding doing this and if I find all 14 chins a home I will rescue more unwanted chins. These little animals got me good. I love them. I said I would not keep any when I first sign up for this. So far I kept 2 and I think I will keep 2 more. I will also keep the old ones for as long as I have to. So I might just be a retirement home for chins. These guys have found a safe home here with me.
PS. If you live in Nor Cal or Nor NV and are looking to adopt a chinchilla in need let me know.

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 Thema: Can you get pink-eye from your chinchilla?
Can you get pink-eye from your chinchilla? [message #89297] Mon, 20 November 2017 10:13
Williamhawk ist gerade offline  Williamhawk

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Registriert: November 2017
Ort: Newyork
I hadn't even thought about it, since our dog's vet had told us doggie pink-eye is not contagious to humans.
But I've been treating Rescue Girl for it, and although I've been washing my hands after giving her meds, I seem to have gotten it in one eye. Is it even possible for it to jump from chins to people?

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